The product we fabricate within DIVISION ESTRUCTURAS comply with the highest standards in a national and international market perspective. We have enough experience for overtaking production of critical fracture elements as well as seismic resistant steel structure, ensuring the highest level of quality.

We only use materials that carry a certificate of origin. Consumables and coatings comply with all norms, and all of these elements come from the main mills and suppliers in Mexico and the world.

Our inspectors are certified under guidelines of recommended practice SNT-TC-1A as level 2, which is provided by the SDNT, international reference in non-destructive testing, such as Visual Inspection, Ultrasound, Magnetic Particles and Dye Penetrant Tests.

Our fabrication processes are constantly revised and ensure total compliance with AISC standards and specifications. We handle a work culture in which a commitment to quality as well as continuous improvement are imperative.