Our Statement

In recent days, we have detected a fraudulent page with the domain gruporecalmx.com, aceroscoreymexico.com and recalmexico.com, as well as ACEROS COREY EL SALTO (in search engines), in which our names, trademarks are used in bad faith and without authorization and logos. We also discovered that fraudulent emails are being sent on behalf of our company in which they send misleading information, alleged quotes and / or request some payment to fake bank accounts.

ACEROS COREY, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. advises its clients and the general public that they should exercise extreme caution and ensure the real identity of those who send information and request a payment before making it.

We inform you that our only official page is: www.gruporecal.com.mx

Therefore, ACEROS COREY, S.A.P.I. DE C.V. and its subsidiaries fully disclaim any information posted on a portal other than the official one, as well as any operation carried out outside of our official channels.

Avoid being defrauded www.gruporecal.com.mx is our only official site. See the complete statement.
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